Remotesome Unique Vetting Process

Interviewing and finding a qualified candidate for the job can be a hard and time-consuming task for the teams. Every team that is looking for an engineer wants to be sure that the candidate they hire is qualified and has the domain knowledge for the job.

When we were designing an interview process at Remotesome we were thinking on how can we vet engineers and have a clear picture in the shortest time. This is why we designed 4 step process where we get a whole picture and make sure a candidate who passes Remotesome vetting process is one of the top candidates company can hire on the market.

Looking at traits we wanted to be sure to test for all important skills which good remote engineer should have.

  • Coding expertise
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Independence & proactiveness

Previous Experience

On the first step of the vetting process, we do a severe background check of the candidate.
Besides looking at what kind of projects or companies engineer was working before, we are interested in how much experience a candidate has and what are the domain skills they have.
This is our first filter which focuses only on candidates with expertise and work experience.

Interviewing and finding a qualified candidate for the job can be a hard and time-consuming task for the teams.

Coding Test

Once candidates passes the first step, they are down to go through coding test where we test users for their domain expertise and problem solving ability.
This step helps us understand whether person has a base knowledge in their domain and knows how to approach solving problems. This gives us a good base for the next step in the interview process. Most of the good candidates already perform good at this stage.

Live Screening

Candidate on this step goes through a technical interview where we are looking to see an in depth knowledge of their domain. Through series of questions and live exercises we are validating their skills, communication ability and how they approach problems. This gives us the best insight on candidates and this is where we make sure they will be able to work good real time. Our bar for this test is pretty high and makes a selection of exceptional engineers.

Personality Interview

Once we establish a candidate is proficient in their domain we are onto a final interview where we are testing for core remote skills such as communication, independence, collaboration, and proactiveness.
The ones who pass these steps give us confidence that we are looking at exceptional individuals who are self-driven, engaged and motivated to show their best when working for a company.

High quality candidate pool

Passing all these steps gives us a final number of 1% of all candidates passing the whole step which leaves us with stellar candidates who are looking for their next challenge in career.

The quality of candidates on Remotesome is a north star metric that we focus on. This sometimes means that even candidates who are just as good as the ones in our pool and have a hard time performing on interviews don't pass all steps due to various reasons.
This is why we are continuously improving our interview process and want to make sure that we help companies get only the best talent available for hire.

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