Six Reasons on why you should start working remotely

Remote Work is on the rise and there has never been a better time than now to start working remotely. With decent internet speed and such demand for tech talent there is trending rise of job openings which support remote roles.

There are many reasons on why you should start working remotely.

Better opportunities

For talented individuals who are living out of major tech hubs one of the decisions to start working remotely was to relocate in order to get an interesting project to work on. This is a big decision for everybody since it means you need to leave your social circle and family in order to pursue your dreams. Times has changed and nowadays there are more and more companies who are starting to employ remotely. Companies such as Trello, Atlassian, Gitlab and Stripe are already employing remotely and this means you are able on interesting projects with big impact from your home.
Researches show that people who have a good work/life balance are happier and perform better when working.

More focus

Days of open office environment is gone. Chitchatting, conversations, water cooler chats noise are all contributing to an environment where employee can't focus and do his job properly. Studies show that it takes up to 30minutes to gain focus back, especially when working on solving complex problems. No wonder why headphones are becoming a requirement in offices.
However at home you are able to design environment the way you like it with no distractions in house. This means you can focus on your work and do more in less time. This is why many people are getting out of office when it is crunch time so they can focus on what they need to get done. Why on earth wouldn't you design your day like this for any day?

Save time and money on commute

In New York, average commute time to work is 54minutes. One way. Together you spend more than 1:40min every day solely to get to an office to get your work done. This accounts to 36 hours spend for commute which is almost a whole work week per month! Crazy, right?!
Taking into account less time for family and increased fatigue spending time on commute your quality of life suffers due to need of commute and coming to an office where you ideally want to have quiet time and get your work done.
And we haven't even mentioned carbon footprint we bring by commuting every day.
Transportation costs are also adding to the issue. California's average annual commute cost is $3,300. Which is just to spend time to come from point A to point B.
Without need to commute when we work remotely we save a lot of time and considerable amount of money. We bet you definitely have better ways on how to spend hour and a half of your time on a daily level.

Set your schedule

From beginning of the 20th century somebody thought that our work day should last 8 hours in one piece. Since then not much has changed on this front. It is interesting on how nothing changed on this front for almost a century. We know that not everybody performs the same for 8 hours straight and that we have ups and downs in terms of performance.
We also know that not everyone is a morning person.
And this is why flexible time work helps individuals to work when they are most productive. Some companies already realized that and know that that their employees will work when they are most productive.

Better health and work-life balance

Breakfast with family? No need to rush to office and commute? Cooking your own meal at home? These are all benefits you can get when working remotely. Being able to spend less time commuting and more with your family and friends will increase your level of happiness.
Small things such as cooking for yourself or having a flexibility to go eat wherever you desire and maybe even work and hour or two from there brings up happiness for people. Since you are flexible you can also take time to go for a walk/exercise or do any other activity which will bring your energy levels up. Having a choice to design your own work environment and work time will bring health benefits to you.

Better salary

At Owl Labs they made a study on remote work and found that people who earn above average are more likely to work remotely. Same goes for opportunities. If we go outside of US market most of the companies who hire remotely offer a multiplier on the local salaries. This means that most of the remote workers earn more than they would if they would be working in a local environment. Compared to opportunities in areas majority of talent live this is a big benefit and enables many individuals around the world to earn what they are worth.
There is also a higher chance you will have your salary since average retention for remote workers is 5years. This just shows how remote workers are happy and love the benefits remote work brings.

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