unique vetting process

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On Remotesome all talent goes through extensive vetting process. Unlike most of recruiters and agencies we focus on technical expertise combining with assesment of communication and remote work experience. Not everyone passes our vetting process, yet the ones who do makes us confident that these are one of the most talented individuals you will be able to find and hire through Remotesome.


How does Remotesome vetting
process work?

Initial screening

Initial Screening

For each candidate we asses their background and previous experience. We make sure to have only people with experience available for hire.
This is where most candidates already fall out.


Coding Test

In this step we evaluate talent skill with time limited test in their domain expertise to determine their skill level. We are looking for individuals who have problem solving ability and can show proficiency in their language.
Roughly 50% of candidates who pass this step pass whole flow.


Technical Interview

During technical Interview we dive deep with candidate and make an extensive evaluation of talent’s skills and expertise in the area of their work. We are also assessing their problem solving skills and communication style.


Final Assesment

We do an extensive one to one interview where we assess English skills, communication, personality and ability to work remotely.

Transparent. Risk free.


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