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How Meroxa hired Senior Go engineers in 20 days

Andrej Fodor
About the Company

Meroxa is a real-time data platform as a service that enables customers at any level of expertise to build pipelines in minutes.


Meroxa recently closed their Seed round and was on their scaling plan to meet the ambitious plans they set for themselves. One of the important aspects was also to build a team with diverse backgrounds to promote the inclusiveness in their team. Given the competitive local market and lack of Golang engineers, they decided to build remote team of top-level engineers.

Action Plan

Together with Meroxa’s team Remotesome made a hiring strategy plan on how to add the diversity to the team and find candidates for the team fit. This is how we initially decided to explore European market and add candidates with different and diverse background.

Talent Mapping

We decided to work on talent mapping as we tried to present the talent landscape and comply that with future hiring needs. This is how we developed a recruitment strategy in a competitive market for Golang Engineers.


After sending an initial batch of candidates, we were quick to understand what company was looking for in terms of skills and experience. This led us to improving the job description, search parameters as well as optimizing our job description process.


We were executing two steps of the screening process. Pre-screening helped assess candidates previous skills and experience as well as their communication skills, which were essential for this remote role.

The second step was technical screening where we had our team of Interview Engineers conduct Technical Interview to establish seniority level of engineers.


With implementing the right hiring strategy, talent mapping Golang engineers and detailed recruiting steps, Meroxa was able to hire two diverse candidates with Golang experience in less than 30 days from the start of the search.
Both times we started the process it helped us find the right candidates and the result of it is that both candidates were promoted within a span of 12 months and are still part of the company.

They key takeaways and benefits Meroxa had with partnering with Remotesome
* Reduced time to hire from 3 months to 1 month
* Placed 2 Golang Engineers within 30 days from the start
* Increase team diversity with getting two European candidates onboard

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