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Work with Remotesome and help thousands of others to connect and work remotely. Earn up to $2000 per referral on every candidate or company you send our way.


Inviting and referring a friend to Remotesome is a win win: you help your friends land amazing opportunities and you get the chance to earn up to $1000 if they land a new role through Remotesome. 

It’s simple: login onto Remotesome and through Referral page you will find your unique link you can share with your friend.



Know someone who's hiring? We'd love to help them out. Introduce us or let us know who's hiring and we'll reach out to see if we can help. If that company hires through Remotesome, we'll reward you with $2000.
Sweet. isn't it?


Remotesome for Startups

We'd love to help accelerators, incubators and startup communities who offer or would like to offer perks or great deals to their members with building great tech teams.

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See what others have to
                   say about Remotesome

See what others have to
say about Remotesome

Remotesome helped me hire a great engineer for my team from Argentina. Whenever somebody from my networks asks me on how they should hire a remote engineer, I redirect them to Remotesome.

Dealing with first offshore hires can be daunting. Remotesome is a great partner as it consistently delivers great candidates and helps me navigate the legal aspects of hiring off-shore talent.

I recently got a job opportunity through Remotesome which 2x my income.Given how helpful they are, I always direct my fellow engineer friends to find a job through Remotesome if they wants a recruiter who will fully help them.

Few tips about referrals

Do  I need an account to refer-a-friend?

In order to refer-a-friend, you need to have Remotesome account. Just refer them through

How will I know my friend signed up?

You will see it under you referral tab when you friend signs up.

What if my friend doesn't land a new job immediately?

Sometime it takes time to make the right match. It might be your friend will be hired later and good news is that you will still qualify to receive your referral reward. This is why we recommend inviting multiple friends to Remotesome to increase your chances of getting a referral reward. Important: there are no limits and no time limit to get a referral reward.

How will I know if my friend gets hired?

As soon as your friend gets hired we will reach out to you and send the bonus your way. 
In case you referred a friend but forgot to use a referral link, please reach out with that to and we'll try our best to send the referral reward your way.

When do I receive my referral reward?

It usually takes anywhere between 1-2 weeks after  your friend gets hired. If you have any additional quesitons about referral reward, please reach out with your questions to

Do I need an account for refer-a-company program?

No. You can always just fill out this form and we will contact your referral and move forward.

How will I know if a company hired an engineer through Remotesome?

We will immediately reach out to and let you know company you referred hired an engineer. It usually takes 1-2 weeks to pay out the referral fee.

Is there a limit to how many companies I can refer?

No, there are absolutely no limits on how many companies you can refer to us. The only time limit to referral is that the referred company needs to make a hire in the next 3 years in order for you to become eligible for the reward.