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Which quiz should I take?

We recommend that you start with either the quiz that covers the content you are most familiar with or the quiz that aligns best with the subfield you are looking for a job in. This will help you show off your strongest tech expertise and find the roles you’re most interested in.

Here's a breakdown of the specialized skills and knowledge tested in each type of quiz:

- Backend Assessment: This assessment covers important coding principles, commonly used algorithms, low-level system questions, system design, and backend architecture.

- Frontend Assessment: This assessment covers JavSscript fundamentals, CSS, HTML, security and system architecture, and questions regarding building single-page web applications

- Fullstack Assessment: This assessment covers questions from backend architecture, algorithms, system design as well as frontend topics such as Javascript, HTML/CSS, HTTP, and frontend related questions.

- Blockchain Assessment: This assessment covers questions from blockchain, main principles and algorithms used, cryptography, Solidty and other blockhain related questions.

- Language Related Assessment: Language related assessment focus on the knowledge on specific coding language as well as the theory and practical environment related questions.