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Our In-Depth Technology & Product
Due Dilligence Process

We don't compromise on quality and make sure to make a holistic overview of the whole product to make sure we get what we are looking for.

Due Diligence Preparation & Context

We begin by understanding key drivers behind interest in target company and gaining any context about the target company and key stakeholders.

How to prepare for Technical Due Diligence?

Stakeholder Engagement

Conducting conversations with leadership will help understand broader company goals and how they are supported by their product.Conversations with tech leads will help understand product development methodology, current functionality, and existing technical debt.

Technology Assessment & Performance Evaluation

Auditing tech stack choices and performing thorough tech assessment to identify gaps in platform functionality. Conducting performance assessments to test for scalability and benchmark overall product performance against competitors/industry.

Evaluation Reporting

Executive summary of technology due diligence findings. Assessment report on gaps identified, platform strengths, and proposed action plan based on findings.

Report & recommendations

We prepare a detailed report with analysis and provide our recommendation on multiple different parts to make sure you get a full picture of present and the future.

    Our Technical
    Due Diligence Includes

    Remote work developer roles


    Domain Expertes and a network
    of 50,000 engineers

    1-2 weeks

    turnaround on average


    Tech Audits Done


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    Why you should do a technical due diligence?

    In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, conducting technical due diligence has become more than a mere formality; it's a necessity for ensuring the viability and longevity of any technology-driven endeavor. This process goes beyond scratching the surface, diving deep into the technological core of a business to uncover the truths that lie beneath. By evaluating the technical stack, architecture, code quality, and compliance, stakeholders can make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and set the stage for sustainable growth. Here are five compelling reasons why technical due diligence should be at the forefront of your investment strategy:
    Risk Management: Identifies potential technical issues early, preventing costly surprises down the road.
    Scalability Assurance: Ensures the technology can grow seamlessly with the business, avoiding scalability bottlenecks.
    Compliance and Security: Verifies that the technology adheres to regulatory standards and security best practices, safeguarding against legal and cyber risks.
    Team Competency: Assesses the technical team's ability to execute the project, ensuring they possess the necessary skills and experience.
    Investment Protection: Provides a thorough understanding of the technological health and potential of the venture, securing your investment against technological obsolescence.
    Technical due diligence is an indispensable step for anyone looking to invest in a technology-focused company, offering a roadmap to navigate the complex digital terrain with confidence.

    Are all tech due diligence processes the same?

    While we do have a similar structure and processes in place, our Technical due diligence varies and depends on each project individually. We take an individual approach and cater to the needs of each stakeholder to assess projects own set of technologies, standards, and risks.

    How long does technical due diligence take?

    The duration of technical due diligence varies by project, but a typical timeframe spans 1 to 2 weeks for startups/smaller projects and 3 to 4 weeks for complex projects and enterprises. This period allows for a thorough examination of the technology stack, architecture, code quality, security practices, and compliance with industry standards.  A streamlined process with clear objectives and efficient communication between all parties can expedite the review, ensuring a comprehensive assessment is conducted within this timeframe. Ultimately, the goal is to balance thoroughness with efficiency, providing our clients with the insights needed to make informed decisions.

    When do you need technological due diligence?

    Technological due diligence is vital in scenarios where the integrity and capability of a company's technology stack are crucial to the success of a transaction or partnership. This is particularly essential when investing in, merging with, or acquiring a tech-focused company, as it uncovers potential risks and validates the technological foundations of the business. Additionally, it is crucial when forming strategic partnerships that rely on technological compatibility and future scalability.

    Conducting technical due diligence ensures that stakeholders have a clear understanding of the technological health and potential of the entity, enabling informed decision-making and protecting investments against unforeseen technological challenges.

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